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With "Employee Preference" Chronopost is empowering its teams

With "Employee Preference" Chronopost is empowering its teams, who are THE driving force behind its corporate strategy

Dialogue + well-being = empowerment. This is the policy that Chronopost has decided to implement, and which was yesterday rewarded by 2018 AFRC* "Employee Experience Award"


From "Customer preference" to "Employee Preference"

More than ever, ensuring customers high-quality relations is a key issue in our extremely competitive sector. In order to establish itself as the preferred express parcel-delivery service and guarantee customers the very best in express parcel services, Chronopost has positioned its customer relations staff at the centre of its strategy.


As Frédéric Bernard, Chronopost's Customer Experience, Marketing and Communication Director, explains:

"Our internal "Employee Preference" initiative is a natural continuation of our "Customer Preference" strategic plan. It aims at achieving our objectives based on an extremely simple premise: more than brand ambassadors, our employees are the drivers of the company's strategy. They are acknowledged and empowered and therefore provide high-quality customer relations."


"Employee Preference": a focus on dialogue and well-being at work

Deployed across Chronopost's internal customer relations centres, the "Employee Preference" programme now includes 15 initiatives focussing on dialogue and well-being at work. The aim is to increase employee’ satisfaction, promote the pride of belonging to the company, attract talented customer-relations staff and improve customer satisfaction.

200 customer advisors now benefit on a daily basis from the programme's actions, focusing on 3 key points:

  • Fostering dialogue: creation of a corporate social network, implementation of visual communication systems through internal TV, spontaneous meetings, Friday discussion sessions, Lean Management training and workshop organisation;
  • Improving well-being in the workplace: move to new modern premises, creation of a relaxation area, organising a week dedicated to well-being, on-site challenges and events, organising family open days, taking part in solidarity initiatives and participating in the employee acknowledgement programme;
  • Active involvement in day-to-day work decisions (empowerment): creation of a coordination committee, organising brainstorming sessions to find solutions, co-developing and improving tools, employee involvement in the recruitment process;


Tangible results

Since the launch of these initiatives, employee satisfaction has significantly improved:

  • a total of 75% of respondents to the Voice of Business** barometer answered “Yes” or “Yes, unequivocally” to the question "Do you feel you can discuss and express yourself on various subjects more freely?" »
  • a total of 99% of employees have a good or very good perception of the quality of life in the work place (an indicator drawn from annual interviews).


These results had a positive impact on customer satisfaction, since the perceived quality of internal customer relations centres increased by 5 points between 2017 and 2018.


* French association for customer relations

** Voice of Business: internal satisfaction barometer


About Chronopost

Chronopost France is part of DPDgroup, the international parcel delivery network ranked 2nd in Europe. As the leading French specialist in express delivery of parcels of up to 30kg to businesses and individual customers, Chronopost relies on a team of 3,700 employees and delivered over 151 million parcels in 2017. Chronopost delivers to 230 countries around the world and has privileged access to DPDgroup's European network of Pickup points.

DPDgroup is the parcel delivery network of GeoPost, a Le Groupe La Poste holding company with revenue of €6.8 billion in 2017.

Through innovative technology, local knowledge, dedicated customer service and a network of 19,300 pickup points (Chronopost depots, post offices and Pickup points), Chronopost offers the best possible customer experience both for senders and recipients. Chronopost fully offsets its CO2 emissions.


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