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SEUR strengthens its ecological fleet

11 April 2018 - SEUR allied with LeasePlan to strengthen its ecological fleet and consolidate itself as a leader in sustainable urban distribution

• SEUR has reached an agreement with LeasePlan to strengthen its ecological fleet through the acquisition of 100 vehicles of Compressed Natural Gas in a flexible renting modality
• This is another step on the part of SEUR to consolidate its sustainable distribution that it already carries out in 30 Spanish cities
• It is an important mobility agreement with vehicles of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) signed by LeasePlan in Spain


The challenge of the current lifestyle, consumption habits and the growing demand for more flexible and fast deliveries, has forced all the agents involved in the urban distribution to consider new ways of operating in these urban centers in a sustainable way and with the least possible environmental impact.

In this sense, SEUR has made an important investment, in the hands of LeasePlan, in the Intelligent Urban Delivery, based on the strategic commitment with which the company wants to improve life in the cities, offering more delivery options and reducing the time and impact on the road.

LeasePlan, leader in fleet management and administration and driver mobility, introduced the modality of renting more than 30 years ago in Spain and, to date has more than 103,000 vehicles circulating in the country.
Thanks to this agreement, the ecological fleet of the leading express parcel delivery company reinforced with 100 vehicles GNC (Compressed Natural Gas), which will be used to carry out superurgent deliveries in Madrid and Barcelona, making a more sustainable distribution.
"With the e-commerce boom, we have not only moved from moving large shipments from one point to another, to deliver small packages to thousands of homes each day, but we have also managed to anticipate one of the main demands of online buyers: I bought it and I want it already. Uniting both not only leads us to develop innovative solutions focused on the recipient and to invest in technology and new facilities, but also to adapt our fleet of vehicles, increasingly present in the cities ", explains Marc Bayo, director of SEUR Now.


Custom mobility

With the flexible renting of LeasePlan, SEUR can adapt the volume of its fleet according to its specific activities or peak periods. Thus, the company has vehicles only when it needs them, forgetting the routine management associated with the ownership of a fleet, such as maintenance, tires, insurance or taxes, tasks that the leasing operator is responsible for.
This is an important mobility agreement with CNG vehicles signed by LeasePlan in Spain. Unlike other fuels, CNG is characterized by being more economical and consuming and emitting less CO2.
"LeasePlan's commitment to sustainable mobility is clear. Our agreement with SEUR is a sign of our ambition to drive change towards cleaner fleets in companies. Our goal is to offer any car, at anytime and anywhere to our customers, and do it in a sustainable manner. In this line, in LeasePlan we have joined the EV100 global transport initiative that aims to make the fleets of company vehicles electric in 2030 ", comments Alberto Sáez, CEO of LeasePlan Spain.


180,000 deliveries per month with alternative means of distribution

The evolution of SEUR's cleanest professional fleets has been exponential in recent years and has also been driven by the development of technology and recharging points or service stations. Thanks to this, SEUR is already able to make more than 180,000 deliveries per month with alternative distribution means in 30 Spanish cities.

"We are very clear that it is possible to combine our business with the care of the environment and the commitment to a better quality of life in the cities. So our ecological fleet will increase in the coming years", says Marc Bayo. "Bearing in mind that the restrictions on traffic in the main urban centers will intensify in the coming years, the operators that work in the urban distribution of merchandise we see the need to reinvent ourselves. In our case, we are betting on the ecological fleet and micro hubs, small warehouses in the center of the cities that allow us to be closer to customers, shorten times and, in many cases, carry out a bike, motorcycle delivery electric or even on foot ", concludes Bayo.


About SEUR

Our 75 years of history have allowed us to be pioneers in the urgent transport in Spain, and the work of our 8,000 professionals lead the sector with three main areas of business: international, e-commerce and B2B business. We provide services to companies of all sizes and sectors, and as part of DPDgroup, one of the largest international urgent transport networks, we deliver all over the world.
We constantly invest in innovation to be closer to our customers and offer them more flexibility through solutions such as Predict, interactive system to arrange delivery, or Now, for deliveries in one or two hours.
We bet on sustainable logistics with the integration of alternative delivery systems in large cities such as the use of ecological vehicles, our network of Pickup points with more than 1,400 local stores, or the use of ticket offices and urban centers.

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