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Construction commenced 28-11-2014 on DPD Lithuania parcel sorting facility

In the Kaunas region, construction has already begun on the foundations of the DPD Lietuva parcel sorting facility. Investment in the construction and facilities will reach 24 million litas, almost 7 million euros. This is the most important DPD Lietuva investment project in the company’s history. The new facility is scheduled to be opened in September 2015.

This DPD Lietuva parcel sorting facility will be the largest up-to-the-minute facility in the Baltic states and it will replace the previous facility that has operated in Kaunas since 2005. The area of the new building will span 5,000 m², of which 4,400 m² will be dedicated to parcel sorting and 600 m² to administrative premises. The facility will employ about 80 workers.

Indrė Puišė, General Manager of DPD Lietuva says: “Last year’s stable growth and leadership position in the small parcel market has made us seek ambitious goals for the future. The new facility will be one of the key elements allowing us to reach these goals. For this reason, we decided to invest in this project.”

The DPD Lietuva facility will be equipped with the most modern automatic parcel sorting conveyor belt in the Baltic states. This will increase sorting capacity from 25,000 to 50,000 parcels per day. In comparison, we will be able to sort 7,000 parcels per hour in Kaunas, whereas today, only 4,000 parcels can be sorted per hour at the largest facility in Vilnius.

The DPD Lietuva parcel facility will be built by the Mitnija construction company for 13.7 million litas (3.9 million euros) in nine months.

Julius Gendvilis, General Manager of Mitnija, says: “We are particularly pleased that DPD Lietuva has chosen Mitnija to be its partner for this building project. I am certain that the construction process will go smoothly, the work will be done on time and we will meet the client’s expectations. I am happy that Kaunas Free Economic Zone has been active in attracting investments. The fact that four new investment contracts have been signed this year is a cause for optimism. I sincerely believe in the success of Kaunas Free Economic Zone”.

Kaunas is a strategically important part of the DPD Lietuva network, since it is at the crossroads of the European, Scandinavian and Baltic freight routes. This facility will be used for sorting freight arriving from abroad and freight to be shipped abroad. Therefore, the new facility is being built in Kaunas Free Economic Zone near the main transport routes.

“The DPD Lietuva facility is the sixth major construction project to take place in the territory of Kaunas Free Economic Zone this year. The fact that the largest and mostmodern freight facility is being built in this particular location is particularly importantfor Kaunas Free Economic Zone and for the whole Kaunas region. The constructionof this logistics centre will add value to the businesses already operating here; andits presence will be a weighty argument for others to choose Kaunas Free EconomicZone as the location to realise their investment plans”, says Vytas Petružis, Managerof Kaunas Free Economic Zone.

About DPD

The shareholder of DPD Lietuva is the French company GeoPost, a subsidiary of LeGroupe La Poste, whose turnover in 2013 was 4.4 billion euros, making it the secondlargest operator in the European small parcel market. In Lithuania, DPD accounts forthe largest share of the country’s small parcel service delivery market. The company’ssales turnover in 2013 reached 63.2 million litas. At present, DPD Lietuva has 13facilities in major Lithuanian cities. Each day, 350 couriers deliver an average of27,000 packages.

Before the busy holiday season – Courier Day

Courier’s Day has been celebrated in the Baltic states for the past five years.On the third Friday of November, couriers celebrate their professional holiday,which is followed by an extra busy season that lasts right through to the majorholidays of the year. During December, parcel deliveries increase by up to 30% on average.

On a standard working day, DPD Lietuva couriers deliver about 27,000 parcels. The record for parcel deliveries in one day was reached last year, on 19 December, when44,043 parcels were delivered. In the closing stages of this year, more than 360couriers will ensure consistent and efficient parcel delivery by DPD Lietuva in Lithuania. There are more that 650 couriers working in the Baltic countries.

“We start getting ready for the holiday season in October. We talk with major clients about their planned parcel volumes and we start to hire extra workers. At thatparticularly busy time, we need about twenty per cent more couriers and motorvehicles. But even when we have built up our capacity there is no time to rest: wehave promised our customers that service will continue to be provided under thesame conditions as the rest of the year”, says Indrė Puišė, General Manager of UAB DPD Lietuva.

More than a year ago DPD Lietuva created and is still improving the publication ofKurjerių standartas (Courier Standard), in which the daily work of a courier is defined.It outlines the fundamental principles of communication with customers and correct behaviour, as well as requirements for a courier’s appearance, procedures and various other aspects.

Indrė Puišė says it is natural to give employees extra motivation before a heavy work period. Courier’s Day is intended to instil positive emotions and energy into employees so that they can immerse themselves into their work in a positive way.

On Courier’s Day, the management of DPD Lietuva visits their couriers working in various towns to wish them the best on this professional day.

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