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Smart urban delivery in Nuremberg

Launched as a pilot in 2016, the Nuremberg micro-depot has proven itself to be successful with an alternative fleet of electric bicycles to bypass morning traffic, reduce pollution, and provide the same productivity results in terms of stops as conventional vans.

The Nuremburg micro-depot began as a pilot in March of 2016. Located in close proximity to the city centre, it uses electric bicycles to replace traditional delivery vans with the aim of bypassing morning traffic, lowering CO2 emissions, and enabling a second wave of deliveries.

The results of the pilot were an unmitigated success: with 15,000 km covered, and an average of 80 stops and 100 parcels delivered per tour, the alternative fleet proved to be just as productive as the traditional fleet. In addition, the new fleet helped shrink DPD’s carbon footprint, lowering particulate matter emissions by 33% and saving 16 TCO2 per year.

The pilot’s success provides a blueprint of an economic and ecological solution for B2C delivery that cuts down on inner-city congestion while maintaining delivery excellence. These promising results ensure continued implementation of the solution and the integration of additional services such as parcel lockers and Pickup points.


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